How cancer cells and infections get destroyed by vitamin C

How cancer cells and infections get destroyed by vitamin C
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(NaturalHealth365) Much data has come out in recent years about the effectiveness of vitamin C against cancer. The main driver of this is the important role of vitamin C in creating optimal immune system health.

Vitamin C has been studied intensely for almost a century, beginning with Albert Szent-Gyorgyi whose research won him the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1937. The ability of vitamin C to greatly enhance immune functioning has been studied in more detail ever since.

Vitamin C provides multi-layered immune system support

Vitamin C energizes and supports the immune system through assisting cells’ inner workings. This is why during times when the body is fighting illness, vitamin C levels can become depleted. The result is a vicious cycle as just when the most vitamin C is required, the body’s reserves become drained. This is why supplementing with vitamin C is so important when healing from a wound as well as when fighting illnesses from the common cold to cancer.

A healthy immune system is comprised of multiple cell types and signaling molecules functioning optimally. Vitamin C is effective against cancer cells through its support of immune system components like NK cells, or natural killer cells. Vitamin C also benefits the functioning of neutrophils, lymphocytes and antibodies, which are all instrumental in the immune system’s ability to fight cancer cells and illness.

NK Cell Support

Natural killer cells (or NK cells) function as the “hit men” of the immune system, tracking and destroying tumor cells and other invaders. They also help to shield the effect of the blood clotting cell fragments known as platelets that would otherwise prevent the NK cells from doing their work. This assists in preventing cancers from metastasizing.

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Neutrophil Energy and Cleanup

Neutrophils in the immune system fight bacterial infections by engulfing the bacteria and blasting it with oxygen free radicals. Vitamin C supports their functioning through helping them locate bacteria and destroy it and cleaning up their oxidizing molecules.

Enhancing Lymphocyte Production

Lymphocytes produce antibodies in the immune system and assist in guiding other immune cells toward threats. They then rapidly reproduce to do their job; this reproduction is greatly enhanced by vitamin C.

Raising Antibody Immunoglobulin Levels

Antibodies in the immune system assist in identifying and destroying invaders such as cancerous cells. The presence of vitamin C helps to raise antibody immunoglobulin levels to protect against infections.

Besides combating inflammation, the common cold and cancer, other illnesses fought by the presence of vitamin C include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, anemia, scurvy, periodontal disease and osteoporosis.

Nutrition and supplementation key in maintaining healthy C levels

Our human body system actually cannot create vitamin C on its own; it must be obtained externally. That is why proper nutrition and supplementation is so important to ensuring optimal amounts.

Natural health experts generally recommend taking about 1,000 – 3,000 mg of vitamin C per day (Linus Pauling suggested 6,000 – 10,000 mg per day for healthy people) and, in many cases, well over 10,000 mg per day – if dealing with a serious health issue like cancer.

Of course, there are many fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C.  But, it’s important to keep in mind that relying on food sources (alone) for vitamin C are rarely sufficient to eliminate serious health problems.  With that in mind, some of the best vitamin C-rich foods include: citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, papaya, pineapple, cantaloupe, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.

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Beatrix Marley
Beatrix Marley
4 years ago

I was told to take vitamin C for periodontal disease by a neighbor. It worked for her and she said a lack of vitamin C is the cause of gum problems.

I tried it and my gums have never been healthier. In fact the dentist was surprised to see how pink and strong my gums were. He didn’t expect that since I had a few gum surgeries. I only wish I had known this fact sooner.

Reply to  Beatrix Marley
4 years ago

And if you go to the dentist and have bleeding gums, you’re chastised for not brushing and flossing enough; your diet and C levels are never mentioned… as if everyone has the exact same diet and it doesn’t need to be considered. This is why I’ve grown to not trust doctors and dentists; they seem clueless at best and mercenary in the extreme. They’re still actively pushing fluoride and root canals, both of which are toxic. It’s like they don’t learn after they leave their (expensive) educations.

Cynthia Rowe
Cynthia Rowe
4 years ago

I don’t take or give my family a multi-vitamin, I just don’t believe it can do much. We take vitamin C along with vitamin B and find that is powerful in keeping our family healthy.

We also eat very healthy and pick up other vitamins and minerals from the food we eat.

Curtis T
Curtis T
4 years ago

I use to think that vitamin C was in most foods, so I would stock up on orange and grapefruit juice. I found very little benefits, now I know why.

Reply to  Curtis T
4 years ago

Commercial juices are usually pasteurized, which means that the C is probably harmed by the heat; I think for therapeutic effect you really need to supplement. Remember our ancestors didn’t cook their foods, including eating raw meat which is saturated with C; everything we eat is deficient in vitamins comparatively. I take Vitamin C powder in water all day long, each sip probably having 50-100 mg of C in it; sweeten the water with stevia, it tastes like lemonade. I started this when diagnosed with breast cancer of an ‘indolent’ kind; five years later and scans show ‘95% likelihood of no disease’… this after refusing chemo and radiation. I can’t say that this would work with a more aggressive disease, but it did for me, so far. I also think intermittent or continued ketosis is key – research that for more information on the role of a carbohydrate free diet and cancer’s inability to metabolize ketones.