NH365 043: Raw Milk – The uncensored truth exposed

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naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) Millions of Americans are hearing about raw milk’s growing popularity, but they are uncertain if raw milk is safe for them or not. Quite frankly, most people are confused for good reason.

On the one hand, you have a team of top European researchers concluding that raw milk is “associated with a reduced risk of childhood asthma and allergies” compared to pasteurized milk. And yet, you have the Centers for Disease Control – on their raw milk food safety pages – arguing, “There are no health benefits from drinking raw milk that cannot be obtained from drinking pasteurized milk that is free of disease-causing bacteria.”

Today, as usual on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, we have no intention to convince you what to eat or drink – in terms of a “healthy diet.” But, we do encourage you to look at all sides of an issue and ALWAYS make an informed decision about your health. If you can, take time to hear this podcast – to learn more about raw milk, without the hype or sensationalism associated with mainstream media news outlets.

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The BIG question about raw milk

How could such high-level scientific sources come to such an opposite conclusion about such a basic food? Our guest today, David Gumpert, will answer that question plus much more about raw milk. This podcast is an important health program – that you will never get from any mainstream media outlet.

According to a recent guest of mine, prolific author and celebrity beyond organic farmer, Joel Salatin – David Gumpert “churns out every answer to every conceivable question in the raw milk controversy.”

Why is ‘raw’ milk such a hot topic?

According to David Gumpert, in his book The Raw Milk Answer Book, “raw milk has become the world’s most controversial food.”

The following is an excerpt from David’s book:

”As a result, obtaining accurate information about it has become increasingly difficult. On one side, proponents often portray raw milk as a miracle food. In their view, it strengthens the immune system so as to reduce our incidence of health problems small and large – from colds and flu to cancer and diabetes. They also see it as clearing up eczema, mitigating autism symptoms, and protecting against asthma and allergies … and being extremely safe to boot.

On the other side, opponents portray raw milk as having no more health or nutritional value than the pasteurized variety that can be bought in any supermarket. They also view it as one of the most dangerous foods known to mankind – so inherently dangerous it can kill you. In other words, a food no one should ever consume.”

Of course, in many cases, it’s hard to initially see the truth about food safety due to false advertising and deceptive marketing campaigns designed to sell more products. When it comes to raw milk – there’s lots of fake facts, which will be addressed in today’s podcast.

Who is David Gumpert?

David E. Gumpert is the author of three books concerned with raw milk. In addition to The Raw Milk Answer Book, his two previous related books are: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Food Rights and The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights.

The Raw Milk Answer Book is David’s response to the many questions he has received from consumers who are intrigued by raw milk, but need unbiased information. It is written in a friendly conversational question-and answer format, without a political or other agenda. It encourages readers to make their own decisions based on what is best for their family and personal health.

David is a former reporter with The Wall Street Journal, and a former editor at Inc. magazine and The Harvard Business Review. He is a nationally recognized writer and authority on the intersection of food, health, and business. David’s articles on food politics have appeared in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Boston Globe Magazine, Food Safety News, Huffington Post, The Nation, Alternet, Modern Farmer and Grist. David is also the author of seven books on small business and entrepreneurship.

David’s provocative blog, The Complete Patient covers the legal, political, and public health aspects of the controversy over raw milk and food rights. David’s analyses of food rights issues resonate with food safety regulators and local foods activists, alike.

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