Woman cured of terminal vascular dementia with plant-based nutritional protocol

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woman-in-hospice(NaturalHealth365) Given a diagnosis of only two weeks to live, Rick Panson’s mother went home to live out her few remaining days among familiar surroundings, with her loving family by her side. Having survived two previous strokes, she had suffered another ischemic event, and was suffering terminal vascular dementia and paralysis from the neck down.

Panson brought his mother home to make it easier for his elderly father to be by her side. At that point, she was being fed only by straw and IV and sleeping up to 18 hours a day.  In essence, she had been brought home to die. (But, this story has a happy ending)

Dementia cured: When something amazing happened

Through a combination of plant-based healthy diet and the loving devotion of her family, Rick Panson’s mother not only survived well beyond two weeks, but regained much of her mobility and memory for the years she added to her life.

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Rick will talk about:

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  • The nutritional plan that restored memory for his mother
  • Plus, the most overlooked ingredients for success – when suffering with dementia

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Reversing dementia and overcoming a death sentence

Rick Panson believes the story of his mother’s recovery is one that could be repeated in other families. It takes a great deal of devotion, love and commitment, but he believes the proper nutrition, coupled with loving care, can make the difference in patients.  Rick proves that dementia can be reversed – despite what you’ve been told by Western medicine.

Panson admits that his first thought – for bringing her home – was to make his mother more comfortable. While his mother did not recognize family members, he knew that his father would be comforted just staying by her side.  But, the idea that she could actually regain enough of her health to enjoy additional months, let alone years, had not really occurred to him.

“She was in a strange place, surrounded by strange people, doing whatever it is they do in a nursing home.  And to be home, at least, gave you the opportunity to be in that peaceful setting that she was very much used to,” Panson recalls of the family’s decision. “And she came home. She didn’t even recognize it.”

When your life is on the line: Health advocates and doctors with common sense are essential

Engaging the aid of hospice, he learned from her primary medical provider that she would be taken off of nearly all the medications she had been put on over the years, other than for thyroid replacement, and those used as painkillers or anti-seizure drugs.  After all, her doctor reasoned, the other medications were not necessary for someone about to die.

“And maybe taking that toxic load of chemicals away from my mother made a difference,” says Panson. “I looked at some of those medications and I questioned them with a little research as to why she had them.  Some of them were very constipating. That’s what bothered me the most.  And it didn’t really matter. I didn’t have anything to do with that decision.”

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Great nutrition eliminates the symptoms of dementia

Although well-intentioned, Panson’s father had not been mindful of his mother’s diet.  As he had slowly taken over the kitchen chores the last several years, he had relied more heavily on processed foods, including packaged desserts.

As time passed and she continued to receive only healthy foods, Panson saw a glimmer of recognition in his mother’s eyes, first when his father would enter the room. Eventually, she recognized other family members and friends.  Then, over time, both her memory and mobility returned.

Perseverance is rewarded with remarkable results

From a death sentence to walking down the driveway of her home to greet a neighbor, Panson’s mother has made a remarkable journey. Asked about her recovery from dementia and the additional years that were added to his life, Panson is quick to reveal that he believes her improved mental and physical health should not be attributed only to her improvement in diet.

“I never gave up on my mother being comfortable or maybe a little bit better. And my father never gave up because he didn’t want to lose her,” he explains. “So when you have two determined people who don’t give up, regardless of what the other people are saying, it’s a conviction that says, ‘Well, okay, we’re going to just continue to do what we’re doing.’ And didn’t let anyone distract us from what we wanted to get accomplished.

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About the author: Jonathan Landsman is the host of NaturalHealth365.com, the NaturalHealth365 Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show – and the NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE, a monthly subscription to the brightest minds in natural health and healing.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host, Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic, non-GMO diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits, including exercise and meditation.

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Keep Reading:

  • Warren Lowenstein

    I listened to this and it was one of the reasons i got a copy of the summit. Everyone of us has to be reminded of the healing power of the human body. We need the encouragement to have the courage to seek our own path to health.

  • Mike Costner

    I consider this story very educational. Most people have no idea of what to do other then what the doctors’ tell them to do. We need a new instructional manual, so we can become the driving force in our own health care. We have it-it’s called the Alzheimer’s summit.

  • Hank Norvil

    My neighbor didn’t do as well with a similar condition. The only reason for the difference was the type of care. What Rick knew and did for his mother is not typical.

    My friend’s family placed their confidence in the doctors who treated and made the recommendations. The results were the opposite as I would expect.

  • drflora3rd

    There’s an old saying, “There is no limit to what a person can accomplish, as long as he or she doesn’t need to take the credit”. This is one case where long after his name is forgotten, this dedicated, persistent son’s efforts will be remembered. Every year, over half a million people in the US die of pneumonia related diseases in the hospital, hospice, or after being released from the hospital, at home. The culprit is the casein that they are given that is the major protein in the liquid supplement that they receive in the plastic tubes that are threaded into their veins or down their nasal cavities.
    When a person is horizontal, as this woman was, for days or weeks, or even months, her body was not allowed to be vertical, so she could cough up and expel the mucus (which is a normal and lifesaving function of the body when it is bombarded with an inflammatory substance like casein – to manufacture a protective lining of mucus that will protect the endothelial lining of the inner pipes and tubes from that acid substance) that had accumulated in her lungs as her body tried desperately to get rid of it. If people can be given something that is not casein, but instead is some substance (even better than the carrot/pea protein that some hospitals use now) that will provide amino acids without this sticky glue, then the alveoli in lungs will be able to get oxygen and transport electrical currents to save the body’s life.

    The most vulnerable, innocent, and dependent people, the elderly bedridden, are being led to early graves by being kept horizontal, and not supplied with beds that will get them vertical during certain times of the day, so their body’s defense mechanisms can be activated, and the fatty mucus will rise, like the fat in a salad dressing bottle, to the top of their bodies, and they can cough it up. Vacuuming it up kills people. It killed my son. Decongestants like fresh ginger juice and cayenne pepper, and germ killing garlic juice will dissolve the mucus and help them cough it up. Hot tea with lemon has been a standby for years when a person’s lungs are filled with mucus. I remember my mom putting a towel over my head so I could breathe hot mist from the humidifier. When I am in my sauna, I do the same thing now, to focus the 150 F air into my nostrils, so the phlegm will be dissolved and come out easily, as I drink ginger tea.

    If every nutritionist involved in the worldwide healthcare system would work with the physicians to order real nourishment that didn’t have casein as the protein, our loved ones lives would be saved. The proteins that were in the ground up fruits and vegetables that her son gave her were enough to dissolve, chelate and dispel the hardened plaque in her veins and lymph system, and getting her on her feet was the other half of the life-saving equation. God bless sons (a daughters) who give an invalid that third chance: not only 1. being bedridden or in a coma the rest of their lives, or 2. dying, but 3. to rebound and get up and walk again. That son helped his mom be like Jesus was with Lazarus: he helped her live again. God bless him.

    I found myself with my right foot full of gangrene and blood poisoning. A doctor in Dumfries, VA said I needed to have it amputated in order to save my life. I thanked him and went home to try my own version of regeneration. A friend Ed supplied a gallon of fresh wheat grass juice. A nurse supplied comfrey that was boiled in water. My mother and son Mason supplied the blended watermelon and baby greens that I ate (well, chewed the liquid at least 30 times before I swallowed it, instead of gulping it down, so I could absorb the vitamins in my mouth and the minerals under my tongue). I read everything I could about feet, and soaked my foot in ice water for 3 seconds, hot water for 7 seconds, the wheat grass juice for 20 minutes, and the comfrey juice for an hour. I implanted the rest of the wheat grass juice and was amazed to have 9″ long worms wound together like spaghetti come out of me with a green line from one end of them to the other. It had felt like butterflies were fighting to get out of my transverse colon as they reacted to and died from the chlorophyll in the wheat grass juice.

    Weeks later, I walked into the doctor’s office and showed him my foot. When I asked him if he would like to know how it was healed, he was not interested. I walked out, puzzled, not knowing that it was against a policy to learn a method of ‘healing’ that didn’t involve drugs, which only mask the symptoms, and which allow the body to heal itself if it’s strong enough. Since then, I’ve continued to watch wheat grass juice work miracles in my body, from preventing me from getting a deadly reaction to a rusty nail that I had impaled my foot on in Utah, to recovering from being shocked with a live wire and pronounced dead for 6 minutes. I truly feel like a miraculous cat with 9 lives, which life continues, even after the 9th life passed! I am so grateful to have worked with the Wheat Grass Doctor, Dr. Ann Wigmore, for over 20 years, and to have heard from her both in Boston and Puerto Rico, of the thousands of students/patients who had similar stories of regeneration with raw and living foods and wheat grass juice building up their bodies and blood.