Vitamin C stops drug addiction with zero withdrawal symptoms

Vitamin C stops drug addiction with zero withdrawal symptoms
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(NaturalHealth365) Amazing findings related to vitamin C and natural cures for drug addiction show tremendous promise for overcoming addiction to hard drugs such as heroin. A vitamin C deficiency seems to correlate with drug addiction, and administering vitamin C in high doses offers profound healing effects without the negative side effects associated with toxic conventional therapies.

Drug addiction to heroin has made a startling increase in the U.S. in the past fifteen years. The CDC reports that between 2002 and 2013, overdose deaths from heroin almost quadrupled, with over 8,200 people dying from the drug in 2013. During this time, heroin use doubled in young adults age 18 to 25.

And, by the way, heroin addiction often goes hand in hand with an addiction to opioid prescription painkillers.

Vitamin C offers a safer way to recover from drug addiction

Heroin addiction is widely known for its difficulty in overcoming.  Major withdrawal symptoms are associated with attempting to quit this drug, including abdominal pain, nausea, sweating, anxiety, trembling, agitation, depression, mood swings, muscle spasms and cravings. However, addressing the vitamin C deficiency – in drug addicts – can dramatically improve recovery time and enhance the detoxification process.

With traditional treatments, it can take at least a week to detox from heroin, and side effects and withdrawal symptoms can continue for weeks, months or even years after ceasing to activity of drug use.  Of course, cravings and relapse events are all too common, and the methadone route of treatment has its own set of risks and hazards.

It should be noted that methadone is known to cause cramping, liver issues and sexual dysfunction.  Even after 21 days, many methadone users still want to use heroin.  To say the obvious, we need to do more to help those in need.

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Why isn’t vitamin C for drug addiction getting more publicity?

By comparison, vitamin C treatment causes an almost immediate reversal of the symptoms of drug addiction. Administered in high doses, vitamin C relieves pain and reduces the desire for opioid use rapidly. The oral intake of 25 to 85 g of sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) per day in segmented doses spaced throughout each day – along with other vital nutrients – can completely reverse a drug addiction to heroin.

Mental alertness, visual acuity, appetite, bowel tolerance and general recovery all start to commence and improve within 12 hours of taking the first doses of vitamin C. Just four to six days of a vitamin C protocol can facilitate a profound reversal. The vitamin C dosage can then be gradually reduced to around 10 to 30 g per day.

Vitamin C helps to reduce food cravings and improve sleep patterns

Malnutrition and vitamin C deficiency is a major component to drug addiction.  Administering high doses of vitamin C to treat drug addiction can naturally help to remedy this situation.  We just need drug clinics to think about nutrition over toxic drug therapies.

Testing of vitamin C therapy for drug addiction has been ongoing since the 1970s.  And all studies have shown that this therapy helps the appetite to return; it restores restful sleep patterns; and the patient rapidly starts feeling well – within a short period of time.  Surprising to most, cravings and the desire for heroin are generally lost after about three months.

Why does vitamin C work so well against opiate addiction? It is believed that since vitamin C is analgesic, it mimics morphine and fits into the cells’ opiate receptor sites. This causes a reduction in the body’s desire for drugs.  And, let’s not forget the detoxifying properties of vitamin C – which are an additional benefit of this type of treatment plan.

The fact that this data isn’t front and center in the mainstream news is bordering on criminal. Please spread the word about the benefits of the “multi-C protocol” and let’s activate the self-healing response within the body.


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