Weight Watchers meals processed with over 50 ingredients

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weight-watchers-smart-ones(NaturalHealth365) Weight Watchers has been around for approximately 50 years teaching millions of people that weight loss is really hard and that “not all calories are created equal.”  Fast forward to 2010, they even unveiled a new PointsPlus system and criticized processed foods.

So, on the surface, they appear to be a nice (helpful) company.

But, they obviously contradict themselves as they license and endorse foods ranging from items on Applebee’s menu to frozen treats at Wells Dairy.  In addition, one must be suspicious, about their prepackaged (highly-toxic) products that fill the frozen aisle at local supermarkets.

Weight loss foods that threaten human health

While Weight Watchers may have started out with “good intentions” with tools to help overweight folks. The last decade has been full of contradictions – encouraging real whole foods as being the healthiest way to lose weight, yet promoting foods with horrible ingredients.

In fact, many of their Smart Ones prepackaged foods contain 50 or 60 ingredients – loaded with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), preservatives, and additives.

So, how smart can these Weight Watchers products really be?

Consumer alert: Missing ingredient list for Weight Watchers packaged foods

The Weight Watchers Smart Ones adds a ton of sophistication to their website as they provide recipes, advice, and articles. Shoppers may even find a detailed meal guide for five days which include their food products. Customization is easy with selections for dairy free, gluten free, high protein, low carbohydrate, low calorie, high fiber, and vegetarian meals.

On the website, you’ll also pick up a ton of nutrition facts about their prepackaged food products. It’s easy to locate calories and macronutrients. The gram content for fiber, sugar, and whole grains are ‘bonus facts.’  Finally, nifty built-in filters allow anyone to select meal or cuisine types with the PointsPlus value system.

However, you’ll never find the most important nutrition facts at the site. The ingredient list for any of their products is completely missing.

This is a huge red flag for anyone looking to eat healthy!

Weight Watchers Smart Ones processed with more than 50 ingredients!

Let’s take a look at one of Weight Watchers® most popular food products – Smart Ones Sesame Chicken. With more than 50 ingredients in this item, it’s worth a review.

First of all, this food item contains enriched and whole wheat, as well as soy and corn. Because this product is non-organic nor non-GMO verified, the ingredients in this product are most likely from GMOs and heavily sprayed with glyphosate – the toxic herbicide.

Studies have proven that the presence of toxins from GMO foods are detected in human blood and present health risks such as, gluten disorders and gastrointestinal inflammation, hormone disruptions, cancerous tumors, neurological disorders and birth defects.

Will Weight Watchers corporate ever wake up?

This sesame chicken product also includes several unhealthy cooking oils. Canola, safflower, and soybean are just a few toxic oils that Weight Watchers uses in this particular item. However, you may find cottonseed and more in some of their other products.

Unlike olive or coconut oil, these so-called “vegetable” oils cannot be naturally extracted from their original seeds.  Instead, they are extracted by using high heat processors and chemicals.  Unfortunately, these chemically processed fats are prone to heavy oxidation and, by overeating these oils, sets the stage for chronic illnesses.

Other ingredients include additives such as sugar, sucrolose, yeast extract, and several flavor enhancers. In recent years, studies have shown sucralose to generate a potentially toxic class of compounds called “chloropropanols” when cooked at high temperatures.

Sucralose may also alter glucose and insulin level as well as cause kidney stones. While the name “yeast extract” may not sound detrimental, it is a more subtle name for monosodium glutamate – otherwise known as MSG which is linked to obesity and liver disease.

Make the intelligent choice and don’t eat Weight Watchers Smart Ones.

About the author: Abby Campbell is a medical, health, and nutrition research writer. She’s dedicated to helping people live a healthy lifestyle in all aspects – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Abby practices, writes, and coaches on natural preventive care, nutritional medicine, and complementary and alternative therapy.


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  • Joan Camara

    I’ve been commenting on many articles about ALL freezer foods, even the so called “diet” ones. I’ve know about this for a very long time. Besides the freezer, about 95% of the shelved groceries are the same way. I only buy raw organic foods! Even then, you have to watch out for the organic companies that are bed with Monsatan. I was 175lbs and rising, and being at 5’4, it wasn’t very nice. Stopped drinking milk, and eating regular dairy, and the pounds started falling off. Eating more organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts, and making my own nut milks, helped me drop 50 pounds. Now I’m spreading the word of my weight loss. Buy only organic foods, and you’ll never want to look back! All it takes is to educate yourself.

  • thejungle137

    LOADED with GMO’s, harmful artificial sweetener, MSG. Disgusting.

  • AquarielCharm

    Thank you so much for this report! Posted on G+ https: //plus. google. com/100542968369145054930/posts

  • Wendy Allen

    Orpah is a large part of the company of Weight watchers now. Gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO may hurt. Whole wheat may hurt more. People may be over weight due to craving gluten/dairy/sugar like Heroin. Gluten may lower the thyroid and hurt every cell in the brain/body. Gluten/GMO corn may hurt the gut lining so vitamins/good oils don’t absorb.

  • Dee Sund

    The ingredient list contains canola and soy. those two alone should make any thinking person avoid these ‘foods’ like the plague.

  • Debbie Mccormack

    This company is obsessed with watching only their pockets! Not your health for sure!

  • Marcy Burk

    They also want the doctor to fix their health and they really believe Weight Watches is looking out for them.

  • Tammy P

    i know many people who were on Weight Watches and reached their goal weight only to gain it back. This diet isn’t really a lifestyle change it is more of a regiment.