Natural remedies for kidney stones

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kidney-stone(NaturalHealth365) 1 in 10 Americans will have a kidney stone during their lifetime, and there are nearly half a million people going to the emergency room – due to kidney stones – each year! With more than 10% of the American population suffering from these painful stones it’s important to understand how to prevent these from happening in the first place, and the answers may be simpler than you think.

Is the ‘standard American diet (SAD) the cause of kidney stones?  It’s hard not to acknowledge the fact that the foods found in the SAD diet are a contributing factor to a massive decline in the health of Americans today. Which brings us to the $64,000 question: Is there a link between this way of eating and kidney stones?

What we do know is that diet plays a key role in how high your risk is for developing these stones and that these stones are developed when your body is not able to process toxins efficiently. Diets high in sodium, processed sugars, and processed animal products are a recipe for kidney stones, and certainly do not help with your kidney’s ability to detoxify.

Simply put, bad food choices are a primary reason for the develop of kidney stones.

Did your doctor talk about these natural ways to eliminate kidney stones?

The truth of the matter is this. How often have you been to the doctor and natural remedies are not brought up, not even once? The thing is that natural remedies are often overlooked in the medical field, but there are a handful of natural remedies that work wonders on kidney stones, and helping to prevent them.

These methods are safe, effective, and easily accessible and will help to alleviate some of the discomfort that comes with these stubborn little stones and break them apart before they become a massive problem.

Pomegranate juice is one of the most effective remedies for kidney stones

Who would have thought that this delicious juice was such an effective remedy for kidney stones? If you love pomegranates, then this is excellent news. The kidney stone benefits that come with this juice is thought to be related to the sourness and astringent properties, just be sure to choose organic when you decide to pick up some pomegranate juice at your health food store.

Try making a smoothie with a pomegranate juice base for a kidney stone busting recipe.

Dandelion root: Excellent kidney tonic and overall kidney cleanser

Using organic dandelion root in your attempt to reduce or prevent kidney stones is an excellent natural remedy. Dandelion root comes in extract form as well as tea, tablet, and capsule form.

As a reminder always check with your physician before supplementing with any herbal remedies to be sure it’s a safe option for you.

Is magnesium a hidden kidney stone remedy?

Magnesium is needed for nearly every process in the body and studies have shown that magnesium may be a useful remedy for kidney stones as well. In fact, one particular study found that magnesium supplementation caused a 92.3% improvement rate in the reduction of kidney stones!

Basil is one of nature’s finest kidney toners

Basil serves as an excellent all natural way to cleanse the kidney. Basil tea, in particular, has been shown to be an excellent kidney toner for overall kidney health. If you need a kidney cleanse, try one teaspoon of basil juice with raw honey to help clear kidney stones.

Chanca piedra has been shown to inhibit calcium oxalate crystals

If you’ve never heard of this medicinal plant, it’s likely because it’s not as commonly talked about as some of the other kidney stone remedies, but it certainly holds some powerful benefits. Chanca piedra has been used for many years in Central and South America as a treatment for kidney stones, and its common name literally translates to “stone breaker.”

This medicinal herb has been found to inhibit the formation of the calcium oxalate crystals, and there is a possibility that this herb may be able to help break up already existing stones.

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  • Bertha Robin

    Thank you, this is one of my biggest fears. Kidney stones have run in my family. I will be adding all the things in this article to stay kidney stone free. I am stocking up on pomegranate juice.

    • 1555

      Look up my post above. Watermelon is great, and when out of season, cucumbers are a great way to cleanse the kidneys.
      I use watermelon as chunks to munch on, or made a watermelon drink running it through my blender, seeds and all. Seeds are so good for kidneys that Chinese medicine says 7 watermelon seeds made into a tea will alleviate a kidney trouble. We dry and save the seeds, just in case we, or friends , need some. Cucumber makes a great salad, chopped up in any manner, or sliced, with some olive oil and lemon or lime juice.
      And yes, lack of magnesium definitely contributes to kidney stones.

    • Wendy Allen

      Gluten may hurt intestines and affect minerals absorbed and may cause gall and kidney stones in some people. Certified gluten free may have 20ppm of gluten and nuts not sold in the shell/meat basting/some spices/air/food with a label and more may have hidden gluten. Best wishes.

  • Jill Marsh

    Every system in humans are one of a kind. The kidneys are so essential to keep healthy. Thanks for teaching us how to take care of them. We all take our health for granted we need wake-up-calls.

  • Chris Ridgley

    I have used some of Dr. Edward Group’s products and all of them work like they said. There are times i need outside help. I look for good products and healers who have experience and are ethical. That is why I stay away from conventional medical procedures when at all possible.

  • watchmom3f

    Just a side note; my husband was having stones, bone spurs, and lots of joint pain…after no help from allopaths, we researched and found he was prob low on MK-7 (K2) and started supplementation with it…he hasn’t had trouble for the last year now. Just good things to know! Thanks! E

    • 1555

      Thank you – so good to know this. I am having some joint pain in my pinky from typing a lot. Will see what happens with MK-& (K2).

  • Tomtom

    Great information. I use chanca piedra for my kidney stones.It removes the pain,prevents the formation, and dissolves the stone.One thing that wasn’t mentioned is that most people who develop stones, cannot process oxalic acid.Excess oxalic acid binds with calcium , and forms calcium-oxylate crystals, that form the majority of kidney stones. Avoidance of foods high in oxalic acid ,can minimize the occurrence of attacks.I once had a severe attack after eating a large can of cashews in 2 days.Other foods to avoid , spinach, and some nuts, as well as other foods.

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      Recently bought some chanca piedra supplements as I thought I was having a second one. Fortunately not but thinking to take the supplements anyway as prevention, e.g. one capsule a week. I also gave a bottle to someone I was working with, who helped me out a lot, who had one as did his wife so that the next time one of them feels symptoms they’ll try it instead of running to the doctor or hospital.

  • dmprisk

    Can coconut oil be used instead of Olive oil?

  • DofG

    Whenever I see “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved.” That means that the crossed purposes of capitalism are at play. In other words, no freedom of speech and no violating the proprietary spirit for the authority of what is true. At any rate, so much for holism.

    Planetary Herbal: “Stone Free”

  • Philalethes

    Btw, it’s Chanca Piedra, not “pierda”.

  • 1555

    Thank you !
    In addition for years I have been cleaning out kidney gravel, that can grow larger and become stones, but doing one day cleanse on either watermelon, or cucumbers.
    Great tasty way to address cleansing, and kidney stones. I have a friend who dissolved a kidney stone by eating just watermelon all day , eating a few chunks every hour. Organic seeded watermelon is best, but any watermelon helps.

  • John

    Once again, Natural news has left out a few very important issues when it comes to kidney stones. The remedies expressed here do not reflect some very current information about kidney stones. The BEST solution can be found by ELMINATING COMPLETELY ALL spinach & almonds. These contain the most abundant content of of OXYLATES of any food. We also now know that almonds, especially California almonds contain high levels of nano particles of ASBESTOS that are now found in every Alzheimer’s & Autistic patients as well as many tumors that are cancerous due to Tremolyte that is found in conjunction with Chrysolite asbestos nano particles smaller than 1 micron.
    The next thing to do is use CORN SILK and make a tea that is medicinal and goes to work on kidney stones like nothing else. Take the silk from one cob of corn, put it in distilled water and boil for 15 minutes. Strain the silk and drink the water! Incredibly effective to cleanse the kidney.

    • pam r

      Natural news did not writ this article- why are you referring to another website

  • Gary

    The best thing kidney sufferers can do is to get tested to find out what kind of stone is being formed. My particular type of stone was caused by uric acid. This is the same type of acid that causes Gout. Although this type of stone is uncommon, I hope this info can help a fellow sufferer. I used to get a stone about every 6 months or so. After getting over a dozen stones I decided enough was enough and went to a urologist. He prescribed me Allopurinol, which worked, but it meant taking a pill a day for the rest of my life. I don’t like supporting big pharma so I looked into it more. In the end I have been stone free for over 4 years now without taking pills. The way I did it was to start eating more pure (as in way more organic foods) and also cutting back on fake sugars, AKA high fructose corn syrup (in Canada it’s labeled as “glucose fructose”). Sugar is a huge factor in causing Gout, and the more you cut back on it the less Uric acid crystals will form in your body. Here’s to a stone free future!