Peppermint tea protects memory and improves mood

Peppermint tea protects memory and improves mood
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(NaturalHealth365) Tea drinkers are already aware of the soothing qualities and numerous health benefits of drinking herbal teas. Many types of tea can help to raise antioxidant levels, reduce indigestion and heartburn, and promote a relaxed or uplifted feeling. Now tea drinkers can add some exciting benefits of peppermint tea to the many reasons to drink this health-promoting beverage regularly.

Research is showing that peppermint tea has numerous health effects, including protection against memory loss, improved cognitive functioning and enhancements to mood. Both long- and short-term memory as well as alertness levels can be improved by drinking peppermint tea, according to a recent study.

Benefits of peppermint tea include a pleasant surprise for older tea drinkers

Northumbria University researchers found that peppermint tea brings exciting brain benefits to tea drinkers, especially older adults. Their study looked at several different herbs and measured their effects. In one study, 180 participants drank either chamomile tea, peppermint tea or hot water. Those who were given hot water were used as a control group for comparison with the tea drinkers.

Participants were then examined for changes to their mood and cognitive abilities 20 minutes after drinking the tea. They took tests that were specifically designed to assess these areas related to brain functioning.

The researchers found that while chamomile tea created calming and sedating effects, the benefits of peppermint tea included enhanced cognition and heightened mood. The peppermint tea drinkers also experienced benefits to their working (short-term) memory, long-term memory, and overall alertness.

Herbs linked to your mood and brain function

By contrast, chamomile tea drinkers experienced suppressed alertness, and the tea had an overall sedating effect. It also showed no protection against memory loss compared with the participants who drank the peppermint tea.

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The study also examined the effects of different scents on memory and cognition in persons age 65 or older. Those who spent time around the scent of rosemary enjoyed benefits to their memory. Other study participants who were exposed to a lavender scent experienced reduced memory functioning; however, they reported feeling calmed by the scent of lavender. The study results were presented in Nottingham at the 2016 British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference.

Herbal remedies support the quest for natural cures

It’s clear that different herbs can have a significant effect on our cognition, memory, alertness and mood. Whether consumed in a tea or used as aromatherapy, being aware of the effects of plants and herbs is empowering. Making intelligent use of these potent natural cures can have a tremendously positive effect on health and well-being, with no (negative) side effects.

Peppermint tea has an enhancing effect on mood, memory and cognition, especially in older adults. Its pleasant flavor can make for the perfect mid-afternoon drink, or anytime you wish to feel focused and uplifted.

Just one word of caution: be sure to only buy the highest quality, organic tea to avoid toxicity issues.


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