Discover 5 ways rhodiola can optimize health and longevity

Discover 5 ways rhodiola can optimize health and longevity
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(NaturalHealth365) Did you know that the adaptogen Rhodiola can enhance your longevity by preventing immune system decline?  And while adaptogens have been used for thousands of years, more and more researching is coming out about the health benefits of these herbs – including their healing properties.

Rhodiola, along with other adaptogenic herbs, help the body to effectively respond to stress.  However, not all adaptogens are the same.  You see, Rhodiola happens to hold some pretty impressive health benefits – which sets it apart from all the others.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at 5 ways this herb can help optimize your health.

Extending the quality of your life with rhodiola

If you are looking to protect your body from premature aging, this adaptogen proves to have some pretty promising results in protecting human cells from oxidation and premature aging.  The compound salidroside in this herb is responsible for these anti-aging mechanisms.

For example, a study was done that showed that this particular extract, salidroside was able to preserve skin cells and help to produce healthier skin.

A natural way to keep your immune system strong

It is thought that as we age, our immune system declines through a process called immune senescence – which makes it difficult for the body to defend itself from a variety of invading forces, including bacteria and viruses.  Rhodiola works in the body through different pathways as a way to give the body what it needs to age gracefully – without the negative effects associated with a compromised immune system.

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Many studies have shown that Rhodiola has the ability to ‘calm’ the nervous system by reducing the stress hormone – cortisol – within the body.  Not only that, this powerful herb has the ability to help regulate the entire endocrine system – which is directly connected to stronger immune function.

Avoid chronic fatigue symptoms with herbal medicine

Adaptogens have been commonly used to help the body ward off fatigue.  Particularly useful when under lots of stress, Rhodiola tends to offset the negative effects of increased carbon dioxide and lactic acid – which lowers oxygen uptake.  The net effect is that we will tend to feel better – even when we are going through some ‘crazy’ times.

Simply put, many studies have proven that Rhodiola extract can help those suffering with chronic fatigue and actually improve endurance – especially if you’re looking to remain physically active all the years of your life.  Just ask Russian athletes – many of them have known about the benefits of Rhodiola for over 50 years!

Minimize the negative effects of mental stress

Mental stress is something nearly everyone deals with on a regular basis, and one of the benefits of Rhodiola is helping the body become resistant to both mental and physical stress. Studies have shown that this herb has successfully be used to reduce anxiety and depression by helping to regulate mood-related neurotransmitters.

Rhodiola helps to protect the heart

One of the more surprising benefits of this adaptogenic herb is its ability to supply cardiovascular health benefits.

Remember the extract salidroside found in this particular herb? Well, it’s also been shown to protect the arteries from endothelial dysfunction in animal studies. This is promising news: especially when you consider the millions of people suffering with high blood pressure plus the many other risk factors for a heart attack or stroke.

Overall, Rhodiola holds some pretty significant health benefits and can help balance the body and protect it from stress. If you’re looking for an adaptogenic herb to optimize your health and increase longevity, this may be the one for you.


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