Vitamin C and antibiotic combination outperform anticancer drug by 100x

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vitamin-c-cancer-research(NaturalHealth365) Researchers have uncovered the stunning revelation that taking antibiotics along with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) could be dramatically more potent against cancer than anticancer drugs – and without the side effects.

The study was conducted by University of Calabria of Italy researchers as well as researchers from the University of Salford and University of Manchester in the UK. The team took a two-pronged approach to treating cancer stem cells in the lab using vitamin C and antibiotics, and the results were incredible – to the tune of being 100 times more effective than anticancer drugs.

Vitamin C plus antibiotics packs potent punch against cancer stem cell growth

The experiments all took place in a laboratory using human breast cancer stem cells. The antibiotic doxycycline was used in combination with ascorbic acid (vitamin C). While doxycycline was effective in killing many of the cancer stem cells on its own, other cells became resistant to the antibiotic. However, these antibiotic-resistant cancer stem cells were then killed by the vitamin C.

The next step will be to try this combination on animals that have cancer, and then on humans. The researchers would also like to study how the antibiotics and vitamin C interacts with other cancer treatments before recommending the approach with humans. The study results were published in the peer-reviewed journal Oncotarget.

Antibiotics inhibit the power centers of cancer cells, while ascorbic acid (vitamin C) induces cell death

Stem cells are capable of developing into any type of cell that a tumor needs to sustain itself and grow larger. Cancer stem cells are different from other cells in that they are able to produce energy from glucose using a number of different of pathways. This is why stem cells are able to replicate and grow more efficiently and effectively than normal cells.

Most stem cells also stronger mitochondria properties.  This allows the cell to readily convert available glucose into energy with the use of oxygen. The antibiotic doxycycline inhibits protein production, which is essential for the mitochondria to work effectively. Ceasing protein production in cancer cells allowed the cells to be killed more easily because they can’t produce the energy to sustain themselves.

Even more evidence of the power of vitamin C

The effectiveness of vitamin C against cancer is already well documented, especially if given in high doses or in the form of liposomal vitamin C. Vitamin C is able to kill cancer cells selectively while not damaging normal cells. It is safe and has no negative side effects.

While high doses of vitamin C are already used to help fight cancer, pairing vitamin C with antibiotics is showing promise for making its cancer killing properties even more effective. Be sure to get plenty of this powerful antioxidant through diet and supplementation to support your immune system and reduce your risk of cancer going forward.

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  • Reiley Openheim

    I went to the source of the story and it was reported June 12, 2017 What is science and the medical community doing with this knowledge. What I read is there will be trials to check the results and further studies. I am not holding my breath waiting for this to happen. As of now I am getting on the bandwagon and starting the vitamin C protocol and saving this article for future reference.

  • Grace Winslow

    Give me a break you mean there is something other then Chemo and they aren’t using it. What is wrong with going right out and signing patients up to try this much safer treatment.

  • Max Vogel

    I never through there would be a breakthrough in treating these patients. I may be right, because if they use this less toxic combination their profits will go down.

  • Lindsey W

    This discovery is not a medical miracle it is acknowledging the power of vitamin C. The powerful lesson is there are other ways than the conventional treatments to heal. The alternative to powerful drugs exists. All the treatments fraught with side effects aren’t the only or safe way to regain health.

    • eyesandears

      But we’re dealing with the medical community here and there is never a solution that doesn’t involve a drug.

      Interesting to note that a years-old study paired a ‘failing’ bacteria-resistant antibiotic with colloidal silver, to find the antibiotic was effective once more The common sense deduction that it was the action of the colloidal silver on its own imparting effectivity didn’t enter the minds of the researchers (or was intentionally ignored); instead the ‘scientific’ conclusion was that the colloidal silver provided a ‘boost’ to the antibiotic. LOL

  • Barbara Edmond

    As far as I am concerned this is a successful treatment and should be implemented now. Can we just put an end to chemo and use other modalities? The pharmaceutical industry will do everything possible to keep the profits rolling in. The only way to get well is to treat the cause not the symptoms. Being nutrient deficient, which means low vitamin C levels has to be addressed.

  • Gary Stein

    This is a very serious condition and drugs and surgery aren’t the right healing modalities. They are poor options-loading up on synthetic chemicals and invasive procedures compromise the host. The hype behind the treatments has mislead the public long enough-we need these kind of articles.

  • Ricky Helms

    Finally a recipe for hope. If this is true and I am sure it is, why are we waiting to use it? Patients are looking for options. Anything that might help is must to get to patients now.

    • Wendy Allen

      Antibiotics may destroy people. See my other comment.

    • James Peters

      The failure rate for oncology drugs when tested in us is around 95%.

    • eyesandears

      The encouraging results of these studies are never initiated simply because the FDA has stated that there is no cure for cancer. California and other states have legislation in place which chemo, radiation and surgery as the only recognized legal treatments for cancer.

  • GunzRloaded

    I do not like the ‘antibiotic’ part of the article.Antibiotics ruined my health for over 20 years.

    • Herb Winston

      I agree and would do the vitamin C alone. On the other hand it probably still is better then Chemo. I have seen antibiotics ruin peoples health and have no doubt it does, but the standard treatments for this condition can even do more harm.

    • Stewart Mitchell

      you should have followed with probiotics. An alternative would be blood zapping

    • Truth4All

      Doxycycline is a VERY rough drug. I cannot take ANY pharmaceuticals.

  • Dumitrana Georgiana

    When you say “huge doses of vitamin C” what do you mean? Cause I take 2000mg each day…as I was diagnosed whith carcinom in situ this year. Thanks!

    • eleftheria

      You need to have vitamin C administered by IV. If you take it orally the blood plasma levels of vitamin C can not be made high enough to kill cancer cells.

  • Wendy Allen

    Antibiotics hurt people’s regular cells for life…hurt mitochondria which may not heal as DNA is hurt. Antibiotics may hurt the gut lining like Chemo/radiation/gluten/GMO. Antibiotics wipe out good bacteria which may take a year to fix again. Antibiotics may lower the immune system like Chemo/radiation/gluten etc. Antiobiotics may lower Mg and more. Antibiotics destroy people. Vit C helps make more white blood cells. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO…taking vitamins/good oils/minerals/herbs/probiotic…LDN..detoxing may help cancer. Mushrooms/Essiac/sunlight/Vit D3/fish oil/Zn/Mg and more may help.

  • Mantle Mickey

    Yes, lets spend another 50 years on testing, before we try on humans. the results are the same. NOTHING Accomplished. Same old poison. Forget the antibiotics. Load up on the vitamin C with cannabis ( hopefully with thc in the cannabis)

  • Susanne

    Okay, so vitamin C and what about things found in nature that have antibiotic (anti= against and bio= life) or anti-microbial action to kill organisms? For example, there’s oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract, raw organic manuka honey, black seed oil, garlic, Sovereign Silver, MCT’s in coconut oil, olive leaf, mistletoe, etc. Any immune compromise has opportunistic organisms having a field day. Just sayin……

  • Jeannie

    Better make sure it’s not a fluoroquinolone antibiotic such as Cipro or you can have a whole host of side effects and it wipes out your mitochondria

  • Jeannie

    Fluoroquinolone antibiotics can cause serious and sometimes permanent damage including mitochondria damage. Her’s Dr. Mercola’s list which I can attest to:

    Nervous system symptoms occurred in 91 percent of patients taking fluoroquinolones (pain, tingling and numbness, dizziness, malaise, weakness, headaches, anxiety and panic, loss of memory, and psychosis)
    Musculoskeletal symptoms in 73 percent of patients (tendon ruptures, tendonitis, weakness, and joint swelling)
    Sensory symptoms in 42 percent of patients (tinnitus, altered visual, olfactory, and auditory function)
    Cardiovascular symptoms in 36 percent of patients (tachycardia, shortness of breath, chest pain, and palpitations)
    Skin reactions in 29 percent of patients (rashes, hair loss, sweating, and intolerance to heat or cold)
    Gastrointestinal symptoms in 18 percent of patients (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain)

  • Tigger

    Interesting that they didn’t try the Vit C alone, just the antibiotic. Also interesting they didn’t combine it with other vitamins or ozone therapy, etc. Antibiotics aren’t good to use, but at least they aren’t nearly as damaging as chemo, and it’s easier to recover from them if you know how. Thanks for reporting what they are at least willing to study overseas.

  • Szabóné Turay Katalin

    Get the book of Dr. Thomas E. Levy MD, JD: Curing the uncurable – the miracle of the Vitamin C. It is very interesant and useful!

  • Ty Shlackman

    Antibiotics will only cause the growth of cancer because cancer is caused by herpes viruses not by bacteria. So antibiotics only make viruses stronger.

  • archer

    Now they need to amend the fear tactic of Vitamin C use developing kidney stones.
    As well as confess why the pharmaceutical industries approached the FDA attempting to ban intravenous Vit C from being administered at any hospital? Let us hope this study’s intent is not to confiscate Vitamin C from its natural form to remove it from public access with an RX patent. Vitamin B6 is in jeopardy of this right now. Also humans are the only life system that do not manufacture Vit C within our own bodies, so this animal study is obsolete as a reference comparison within human biology. In my opinion this study is the prerequisite to kidnap a natural substance that treats , heals , cures anything for a ransom. Patented psyops against well informed natural health scientists, professionals, advocates, consumers who have exited the prescribed & managed disease system. Think, what have GE GMO food allowances compromised ? every independent living system’s DNA envelopes with a key that unlocks, necessary cellular code protections .

  • Does it really work…??? Probiotics and Vit. ‘C’ would be really effective plus powerful plant enzymes… Success stories on cancer and other so-called incurable illness elimination can be found here… eg. From death-bed cancer to cancer-free in sixty days. funeral arrangements were already made… http://www.LeadingEdgeHealth. org