Medical experts warn that the word natural is a threat to public health

Medical experts warn that the word natural is a threat to public health
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(NaturalHealth365) There is an alarming trend in the food and healthcare industries toward demonizing the word natural.  Not surprisingly, the sources of this campaign include vaccine companies, big pharma and proponents of GMO foods.  Suppressing the use of the word “natural” seems to be a primary objective at this time. (keep reading … to find out why)

These entities are frightened that the word “natural” will steer people toward healthier lifestyle decisions.  But, the real issue is, those who favor a natural lifestyle tend to avoid pharmaceuticals, vaccines plus GMO foods and that’s unacceptable to the drug makers or the biotech industry.

Propaganda against breastfeeding and natural immunity?

A recent American Academy of Pediatrics Journal article has the audacity to call on health professionals to stop referring to the act of breastfeeding a child “natural.”  They say that doing so gives the “wrong impression” about proper (as they see it) immunity practices and parenting, which they see as problematic.

The article, titled “Unintended Consequences of Invoking the ‘Natural‘ in Breastfeeding Promotion,” was written by Anne Barnhill and Jessica Martucci, Health Policy and Medical Ethics researchers at Penn Medicine. The authors fear that calling breastfeeding and other natural cures “natural” gives the impression that “natural” is better when it comes to health and immunity. They even go so far as to call the describing (“promoting”) of breastfeeding as natural “ethically problematic.”

The authors link their concerns with the potential effect natural immunity approaches will have on vaccination rates, as many who use natural parenting practices do not vaccinate their children.

The paper calls the presumption that natural health and food choices are superior a “fallacy.”  The authors say they would rather downplay the health benefits of breastfeeding than “promote” it by using the word “natural.” They call out eating organic, rejecting GMO foods and being concerned about water fluoridation a part of this “fallacy.”

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Vaccine makers, big pharma and GMO food engineers have questionable agendas

Clearly, there is a disturbing public campaign being mounted to end the positive and accurate use of the word “natural.” The groups behind it claim this “insidious” word is associated with “problematic” practices like home birthing, natural immunity practices, home schooling and rejecting GMO foods. The bottom line is that these natural parenting and natural immunity efforts interfere with vaccination efforts as well as the profits of big pharma.

The fact that “researchers” are actually espousing this idea is beyond alarming. Suspicions mount that these researchers are being paid by big pharma to fabricate or slant research data to support this ridiculous and sinister agenda.

Natural eating and healthcare is a natural, healthy response

There are growing trends toward natural healthcare, drug free remedies and eating organic, natural foods. These behaviors are a healthy and proactive response to how ubiquitous unnatural “cures” and foods have become. The pendulum is swinging toward common sense.

Who would want to eradicate the word “natural?”  Industries that are afraid of the growing trends towards natural healthcare and ways of living. The agenda behind this insanity is clear.


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